Are You Aware Of The Benefits Of Laughter On Your Health?

Have you ever laughed until your belly hurt, or until you got teary-eyed, or you could hardly breathe? Don’t worry, no harm will come to you or your body. In fact, you may be even doing your.

health a lot of good.

That’s not all. There are many health benefits to laughing.

You can actually give up those stress relieving medications or health boosters. Laughing a few times a day actually will take their place.

In What Ways Does Laughing Benefit You?

Laughter activates the release of substances called endorphins into your blood. This substance, as it traverses your veins and goes through your body and your brain, is what causes that relaxing, happy, overflowing feeling when you laugh, and makes you want to laugh more.

Laughing doesn’t just make you happy; it’s good for your mental health as well.

– It lowers blood pressure. First, blood pressure rises when you start to laugh, then it goes down below the normal level. When you laugh, your tendency is also to take in a lot of air, and with it, oxygen, which gets into your blood and feed your body. Oxygen is good because it stimulates the circulation of blood and the processes of your body.

– Laughter also increases heart and pulse rate, and reduces stress. Increased heart and pulse rates (within normal levels) keep your body organs active and your body more energized. These also help you be more focused, which facilitates learning and knowledge acquisition.

– Laughing strengthens the heart. When you are always stressed, fats and cholesterol in the heart and the arteries accumulate faster. Laughter, by reducing stress, helps prevent the buildup of fats and cholesterol, and makes the heart stronger and keeps it in a more healthy condition, thus lessening the likelihood of having a heart attack.

– Along with reducing stress, laughing will lower your blood sugar levels as well. Having a blood sugar level that is too high contributes to diabetes and obesity along with other health conditions.

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While the benefits of laughter do have positive affect on your health, laugh therapy also gives you mental health. For more tips on mental health and a positive mind go to:


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