How I changed the world with a pencil

He just wanted a pencil.

He says Pencils of Promise has now built more than 300 schools, nurturing the “imagination, curiosity and potential” of youngsters who might not otherwise have the opportunity.

Power of the pencil”The power in the idea of a pencil is that it can unlock so much for one individual,” Braun adds.

“I learned recently that the average pencil holds 40,000 words, which I think is such a powerful statement.

“The thing that pulls at my heart strings the most is seeing children in communities of tremendous poverty where parents are supportive but they don’t have the school support to pursue that aspirational dream.”

Braun credits his travels with unlocking his own potential.

“Travel gives me a tremendous sense of freedom.

// set of experiences that remind me how small I am in the world and also embolden me to dream really big.

“And if I hadn’t gone to India, Pencils of Promise would not have been created.”